In The Home Green Street Hooligans Underground

Key art for Green Street Hooligans Underground

Danny Harvey has spent all of his life fighting - in the playground, on the football pitch and then for the Green Street Elite. Danny turned his back on football violence and moved away from London. When Danny's younger brother Joey is killed in an organised fights, Danny goes undercover, back into the firm...

One thing's guaranteed" Violence with a capital 'V'. Hooliganism has moved on. The fighting is much more organised and sophisticated. Danny won't rest until he gets revenge and finally faces us to the demons that have haunted him for the last fourteen years.

Scott Adkins
Kacey Barnfield
Joey Ansah
Jack Doolan
Josh Myers
Director: James Nunn
Writer: Ronnie Thompson
Producers: James Harris, Mark Lane, Nicola Pearcey & Ronnie Thompson