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Key art for Ironclad 2 - Battle For Blood

Travelling back to the dark, brutal past of 13-century England, Ironclad 2: Ba4le for Blood plunges us headlong into one of the most violent periods in English medieval history - a few good men fought against insurmountable odds to defend their country from bloodthirsty CelNc Tribes. Ironclad 2: Ba4le for Blood is the conNnuing story of honour, acNon and excitement.

Gathered together by young Hubert (Tom Rhys Harries), a small band of hired swords gather inside his families castle intent on holding off evil CelNc Tribesmen hell-bent on revenge for the death of their leaders' son: a young mercenary named Guy (Tom Austen) whose soul is wracked with guilt over the atrociNes he has commi`ed during the days and years aaer the great ba`le of Rochester Castle and his burgeoning feelings for Kate, his cousin (Roxanne McKee), ; ba`le-hardened mercenaries such as Berenger (David Caves), who fight not for God and country for money and bloodlust. 

Michelle Fairley
Roxanne McKee
Rosie Day
Danny Webb
Tom Austen
Director: Jonathan English
Writers: Jonathan English & Stephen McDool
Producers: Rick Benattar, Andrew J. Curtis & Jonathan English