In The Home Knights Of The Damned

KNIGHTS OF THE DAMNED is an action-packed fantasy adventure that combines the thrills and action of GAME OF THRONES with the threat and horror of THE WALKING DEAD.  After relentless deadly Dragon attacks on his kingdom, a King sends four of his best Knights on a quest to defeat the Dragon that has been terrorizing his subjects and besieging his castle. The Knights’ epic journey will be filled with danger and peril, and they know that they may not all return safely home. Along the way they will encounter mythical beasts and creatures all determined to halt the Knights in their tracks. Beautiful, but malicious and deadly water sirens will try and enchant them.  A race of fearless warrior women on a mission of revenge will engage them in bloody battle before finally joining forces with the Knights in their quest. And a seemingly unstoppable undead army of zombies will put their strength and fighting skills to the test.   

Director: Simon Wells
Writers: Ben Loyd-Holmes & James Morelli-Green
Ross O'Hennessy
Ben Loyd-Holmes
Silvio Simac