In The Home Left Behind

Key art for Left Behind

The most important event in the history of mankind is happening right now. In the blink of an eye, the biblical Rapture strikes the world. Millions of people disappear without a trace. All that remains are their clothes and belongings, and in an instant, terror and chaos spread around the world. The vanishings cause unmanned vehicles to crash and burn. Planes fall from the sky. Emergency forces everywhere are devastated. Gridlock, riots and looting overrun the cities. There is no one to help or provide answers. In a moment, the entire planet is plunged into darkness. 

Nicolas Cage
Chad Michael Murray
Nicky Whelan
Lea Thomson
Jordin Sparks
Director: Vic Armstrong
Writers: Paul Lalonde, John Patus
Producers: Ed Clydesdale, Paul Lalonde, Michael Walker