In The Home Heart Of A Dog

Artist and musician Laurie Anderson’s poignant meditation on love, childhood, stories and belief, is also an ode to her late mother, partner Lou Reed and beloved dog Lolabelle.

Anderson’s distinctive voice and music guide us through a progression of dreamy, often humorous images, including home movies, dog photos and animations. The artist’s memories of family and childhood, philosophical reflections on belief and grieving, modern day surveillance, and most importantly her much-loved terrier, are melded into an intimate essay-style film. It’s been described by Anderson, as ‘a story about how stories work—how you forget your own story, how you repeat your own story, how somebody else’s story gets plastered onto you’. Her last feature, Home of the Brave, was 30 years ago.

In her inspired return to the art form, Laurie Anderson has produced a unique and intensely personal work.

Director: Laurie Anderson
Writer: Laurie Anderson
Jason Berg
Heung-Heung Chin