July 14, 2021 Taryn Brumfitt’s new doco announced!

The South Australian Film Corporation and Screen Australia today announced production investment for Embrace Kids, Taryn Brumfitt’s follow-up to her 2016 break-out documentary Embrace which was released in Australia and New Zealand by Transmission Films and subsequently screened in over 190 countries.

This time, the filmmaker, best-selling author and globally heralded activist is turning her lens on the issue of kids’ body image to understand why 70% of Australian school kids consider body image to be their number one concern, and what can be done about it.

“Kids weren’t born into the world hating their bodies, it’s a learned behaviour,” says Taryn. “It’s alarming and heartbreaking that kids are being held back by how they feel about their bodies. Imagine giving kids the tools to move, nourish, respect and enjoy their bodies instead.”

Embrace Kids is Taryn’s second feature documentary, and is primarily targeted at 8-12 year olds. The film will use Taryn’s distinctive filmmaking style to create an energising texture of animation, music, live action, interviews and more.

Executive producers are comedian Celeste Barber, actor Teresa Palmer and Natasha Stott Despoja AO, Australia’s former Ambassador for Women and Girls. Producers are Anna Vincent (Embrace, Chasing Wonders) and Bonnie McBride (Demonic, Making a Mark).

Guided by body image health professionals, Dr Zali Yager (Associate Professor, Victoria University) and Dr Ivanka Prichard (Senior Lecturer, Flinders University), it is expected that the social impact of the film will move into uncharted territory.

“In recent years I’ve been sent thousands of messages pleading with me to make a film like Embrace, but for kids,” says Taryn. “I’m really excited to say: All Systems are Go! And I can’t wait to bring the film to cinemas next year”.

CEO of the South Australian Film Corporation Kate Croser says, “Congratulations to the whole creative team behind Embrace Kids. Taryn Brumfitt’s unique voice and personal approach to her filmmaking, combined with the stellar track record of South Australian producers Anna Vincent and Bonnie McBride is set to deliver another remarkable film.”

Screen Australia’s Head of Documentary Alex West says, “Embrace truly made a global impact in the conversation around body positivity and we're thrilled to support Taryn expand on this with follow- up feature Embrace Kids. We look forward to the team reaching new audiences, and younger viewers, here and around the world with their important message.”

"We're absolutely delighted to be reuniting with Taryn, Anna and Bonnie for Embrace Kids,” says Richard Payten and Andrew Mackie of Transmission Films. “Embrace was a break-out hit at the Australian box office and it continues to screen globally, effecting positive change in all those who see it. Thanks to the boundless enthusiasm of Taryn and her army of Body Image Movement supporters we can't wait to bring Embrace Kids to parents and families in 2022."

Embrace Kids is a Body Image Movement and SLA Films production, with principal production investment from Screen Australia in association with the South Australian Film Corporation. The film will be released in Australia and New Zealand by Transmission Films.