In The Home The Four Warriors

Key art for The Four Warriors

Travelling home from The Crusades, four battle-weary soldiers discover a village gripped by dread. Unseen predators have abducted all the men and children and the grieving villagers are living in fear of further attack. They tell of an ancient demon at work,
intent on bringing total darkness upon the world. Although desperate to return to their own homes, the soldiers agree to help and set out on a mission to rescue the missing loved ones, thinking slave traders must have taken them. Heading into the mountains, they gradually learn the full extent of the prophecy and the importance of their epic quest. Drawing on all their strength and bravery they battle their way deep into the menacing caves to save the bewitched villagers and face the ultimate fight to prevent the triumph of evil over the world. Will they succeed in their last crusade?

Director: Phil Hawkins
Writer: Christopher Dane
Christopher Dane
Hadrian Howard
Fergal Philips