In The Home Thanks For Sharing

The coda is akin to Silver Linings Playbook - namely that everyone is a little crazy, and that we're all a little addicted to something

Colin Fraser – Filmink

It’s the feel-good film of the year! Utterly charming, funny, sweet, and serious in all the right ways

Kenji Lloyd –

From Academy Award® nominated screenwriter and first-time director Stuart Blumberg (The Kids Are All Right) comes a sharply comic and deeply moving look at a very different kind of modern family – the haphazard family forged by a group people trying to navigate life, love and the emotional landmines of New York City while recovering from addiction.

Academy Award® nominee Mark Ruffalo and Academy Award® winners Tim Robbins and Gwyneth Paltrow anchor a stellar ensemble cast in a story about the kind of friends who, no matter how wild their rises and falls, always put each other back together again. On their own, they are each smart, charming and completely broken . . . but together, they come to realise, they might have a real shot at happiness.

Thanks For Sharing also stars Josh Gad, Joely Richardson, Patrick Fugit and pop star Alecia Moore (Pink) in her first film role.

Mark Ruffalo
Gwyneth Paltrow
Tim Robbins
Josh Gad
Alecia Moore (Pink)
Director: Stuart Blumberg
Writer: Stuart Blumberg & Matt Winston
Producers: Miranda de Pencier, David Koplan, Bill Migliore, Leslie Urdang, Dean Vanech