In The Home Real Time

"Affecting and involving in ways that one might not have initially anticipated."

David Nusair – Reel Film Reviews
Key art for Real Time

When hyperactive, compulsive gambler Andy is plucked off the street the last thing he thought he would wager a bet on would be his life. Given a single hour to live by a calm yet imposing hit-man, Real Time follows Andy's antics in his final hour. Stars Jay Baruchel (Tropic Thunder, This Is The End) and Randy Quaid (Vacation) doing a perfect Australian accent as grizzled Aussie hit man Reuban.

Randy Quaid
Jay Baruchel
Director: Randall Cole
Writer: Randall Cole
Producers: Julia Rosenberg, Paula Devonshire, Ari Lantos
Official Selection - Toronto Film Festival