In The Home Mothering Sunday

Thoughtful and deeply affecting

The Times

The events of Graham Swift's novel take place over the course of one day—the holiday Mothering Sunday. Maid Jane Fairchild (Young) has the day off, as her employers, Mr. and Mrs. Niven (Firth and Colman) are attending an event to celebrate the engagement of their neighbours' son, Paul (O’Connor). Jane is an orphan, so has no mother to spend the day with—but she does have Paul, with whom she's been having a years-long secret affair. The story unfolds as they spend their final day together as lovers.

Eva Husson
Alice Birch
Graham Swift (based on the novel by)
Josh O'Connor
Odessa Young
Colin Firth
Olivia Coleman
Ṣọpẹ Dìrísù