In The Home Driven

It’s 1974 and Jim Hoffman is your average family man—father of two, hard-working pilot, doting husband—and occasional drug smuggler. But when Jim is caught using his family vacation to smuggle cocaine into the US, ambitious FBI agent Benedict Tissa sees an opportunity to earn a major victory for the Bureau by using Jim to entrap his elusive supplier. Starting over in an affluent San Diego neighborhood on the Government’s payroll, Jim’s duties as a confidential informant get sidetracked when he befriends his famous neighbor, John DeLorean. At first bedazzled by DeLorean’s charm and vision, Jim finds himself in DeLorean’s inner circle at the launch of his new enterprise that is promised to revolutionize the American Motor Industry. But when DeLorean’s company threatens to go belly-up, and Tissa’s nowhere near getting his guy, Jim suddenly finds himself between two desperate men who are willing to do anything to succeed.

Nick Hamm
Lee Pace
Jason Sudeikis
Judy Greer
Corey Stoll
MA 15+
Run Time
133 Minutes
Black Comedy