At The Cinema  •  Coming Soon Brittany Runs A Marathon

Brittany Forgler is 27 years old and a mess: her boss is disappointed in her, her doctor is worried about her, her friends don't respect her, and, worst of all, she doesn't respect herself. In search of a new life, Brittany laces up her Converse and runs one block. The next day, two. Pretty soon, a mile. She finally has direction, but is she on the right path? BRITTANY RUNS A MARATHON is the story of a woman who wants a better life, and sets out to conquer herself one city block at a time.

Official Selection: Sydney Film Festival 2019

Writer & Director
Paul Downs Colaizzo
Jillian Bell
Utkarsh Ambudkar
Michaela Watkins
Lil Rel Howrey
Micah Stock
Official Selection
Sydney Film Festival 2019