In The Home Bright Days Ahead (Digital Only)

Ardant gives a performance you just want to bask in, glowing with desire and desirability.

Robbie Collin – Daily Telegraph
Key art for Bright Days Ahead (Digital Only)

For recent retiree Caroline, a new life of freedom and opportunity lies before her: time to take care of her children, her husband, and most of all, to finally take care of herself. But while her peers at the local seniors’ club pass the time with ceramics and amateur theater, she finds a new hobby of her own between the sheets with the center’s computer teacher Julien, a carefree ladies man decades her junior. The couple set rules for their affair, but Caroline seems to like courting danger, taking her lover to places she knows they might be seen and telling lies to her husband that could easily be discovered. As Caroline finds herself in the midst a second youth – taking a new lover, living new experiences, breaking the rules, not doing what’s expected of her – will her retirement mark the beginning of the end for her marriage, or a new beginning?

Fanny Ardant
Laurent Lafitte
Patrick Chesnais
Jean-François Stévenin
Director: Marion Vernoux
Writers: Marion Vernoux and Fanny Chesnel
Producers: François Kraus, Denis Pineau-Valencienne and Juliette Renaud