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Charles Chaplin is one of history's greatest cinema actors, writers and directors. For over fifty years Charlie Chaplin charmed audiences and critics with his timeless wit and candid take on the state of humanity in masterpieces such as The Great Dictator, Modern Times, The Gold Rush and more. Chaplin and his contribution to cinema have passed the test of time, he remains an adored icon even in the 21st century. Transmission Films and Paramount Home Entertainment are proud to present the definitive, fully-restored Chaplin collection.

City Lights follows the broke and homeless Tramp as he struggles to help a blind flower girl with whom he has fallen in love. His on-and-off friendship with a drunken millionaire allows him to be the girl's benefactor... but also gets him into trouble.

Made just as sound was being introduced, City Lights is considered one of Chaplin's silent masterpieces and is widely considered to have one of the most moving endings in cinema history. In 1991 the American National Film Preservation Board added City Lights to its registry, cementing its place as one of the most important films of its era.

Charles Chaplin
Virginia Cherrill
Florence Lee
Director: Charles Chaplin
Writer: Charles Chaplin
Producer: Charles Chaplin